About Leasing360

LEASING360 is organised into three channels – past, present and future – that explore the leasing and asset finance industry.


The way the industry has developed and  how it has shaped today's economy.

A look at all aspects of the current state of the industry. 
Examining new trends and markets for potential growth in leasing and asset finance.


Each channel contains a variety of themes that provide a key resource for understanding the industry, a constantly updated map of what people, trends and product innovations are driving the industry, and a stimulus for debate and discussion about the future of the industry.

All of our content is released under a Creative Commons Licence. This means that anyone can copy and remix the content, as long as they cretit us and the original authors.  
We encourage you to explore, reflect, discuss and use our evidence-based research pieces, critical insight from industry specialists, and editorial and commentary pieces in your organisation – and to contribute your own expertise and insights.